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Powering Next-Gen Catering

From ordering to logistics, Buffie is an end-to-end integrated web application that’s designed for catering businesses.

It’s eCommerce, for catering companies.

From Sales to delivery

Caterers today face multiple challenges.

On top of increasing competition,
there are barriers to growth.

Yet, there is a real need to differentiate.

More than before, a caterer needs
to go beyond food.

Get next gen with buffie


Great First Impressions

Beautiful Ordering Screens
3 Step Ordering Process
Customer’s Dashboard
Menu Categories 


Contextual Upselling

Optional Add-ons
Occasion-Based Up-sells 
Premium Item Selections


Ready for Teams

Sales Person Commissions
Sales to Kitchen Flow
Multiple Kitchen Support


Ordering Flexibility

Admin-Only Menus
Manual Orders
Order Editing
Ad-Hoc Charges


Initial Commitment

Collect Deposits
Accept Online Payment
Register Offline Payment


Seasonal Management

Limited Time Menus
Block Out Dates


Marketing Ready

Menu-Specific Coupons
Per Pax / Coupon Limits
Instant Pricing Updates
SEO Ready


Types of Catering

Full Set-up Buffet
Drop-off Buffet
Bentos, Packed Meals


Logistics Functions

Automatically-Generated Equipment Lists
Packing Masterlist / Order
Locational Surcharges


Insights from Data

Menus Performance
Items Performance
Staff Performance

Full Set-Up Buffets

Full buffet lines with set-up, chaffing inserts and table skirting.

Drop-Off Buffets

Meals for 10 or more without fancy, served hot and in trays.

Bento / Tingkats / Packed Meals

Food packed in boxes, with standard selection of ingredients.

Browse Menu

Menu Details

Check Out

Order Details


All plans comes with initial customisation, 2 training session, and annual tech support.

About Inspireo

The Folks Behind Buffie

We are Inspireo, and we have been doing user-friendly tech for the last 9 years. Our expertise is in business applications.

We were founded as a web/mobile agency.
Now, we work with founders as their technology arm.


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Experience how Buffie can power your next-gen catering business.

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