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Powering Next-Gen F&B

From ordering to logistics, Buffie is an end-to-end integrated web application that’s designed for catering businesses.

It’s eCommerce, for next-gen F&B companies.

From Sales to delivery

Caterers today face multiple challenges.

On top of increasing competition,
there are barriers to growth.

Yet, there is a real need to differentiate.

More than before, a caterer needs
to go beyond food.

Get next gen with buffie


Great First Impressions

Beautiful Ordering Screens
3 Step Ordering Process
Customer’s Dashboard
Menu Categories 


Contextual Upselling

Optional Add-ons
Occasion-Based Up-sells 
Premium Item Selections


Ready for Teams

Sales Person Commissions
Sales to Kitchen Flow
Multiple Kitchen Support


Ordering Flexibility

Admin-Only Menus
Manual Orders
Order Editing
Ad-Hoc Charges


Initial Commitment

Collect Deposits
Accept Online Payment
Register Offline Payment


Seasonal Management

Limited Time Menus
Block Out Dates


Marketing Ready

Menu-Specific Coupons
Per Pax / Coupon Limits
Instant Pricing Updates
SEO Ready


Types of Catering

Full Set-up Buffet
Drop-off Buffet
Bentos, Packed Meals


Logistics Functions

Automatically-Generated Equipment Lists
Packing Masterlist / Order
Locational Surcharges


Insights from Data

Menus Performance
Items Performance
Staff Performance

Full Set-Up Buffets

Full buffet lines with set-up, chaffing inserts and table skirting.


Meals for household or families without fancy, served hot and in trays.

Bento / Tingkats / Packed Meals

Food packed in boxes, with standard selection of ingredients.

Browse Menu

Menu Details

Check Out

Order Details


All plans comes with initial customisation, 2 training session, and annual tech support.

About Inspireo

The Folks Behind Buffie

We are Inspireo, and we have been doing user-friendly tech for the last 9 years. Our expertise is in business applications.

We were founded as a web/mobile agency.
Now, we work with founders as their technology arm.


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Experience how Buffie can power your next-gen catering business.

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